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Discover Ways to Create Unique and Effective Customer Education

Community education programs are a mainstay for investor-owned utilities, cooperatives and municipalities. Delivering K-12 outreach through educational programming makes a real impact. You form lasting connections with your community, influence energy usage behaviors and reach parents through the “trickle up effect”: educating K-12 students through in-school events and sitting back…
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How soon is too soon for recruiting skilled workers?

There is a genuine and justifiable fear that in the not-so-distant future, major industries will be struggling to find skilled workers. Think about your utility and what it takes to make it function properly. Are there enough potential employees continually interested in being a part of your team? And if…
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Do you need a fresh approach to customer engagement?

In the utilities industry, customer engagement is a must. The residential customer has high expectations when it comes to their electricity, natural gas and water suppliers. On the opposite side, utilities have certain needs that only the customer can provide. Your utility may have goals to reach in demand side…
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Residential Programs That Make a Difference

Creating a “win-win scenario” is usually the goal for businesses in any industry. What’s the best approach to satisfy your customers and succeed as a company too? Utilities put a lot of time, energy and money into residential programming with the goal of creating the win-win scenario. Often, the approach…
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What’s your utility’s customer engagement strategy?

Most utility companies offer some sort of education and community outreach programming. Helping your customers make their homes more energy efficient or develop energy-saving habits is a worthwhile endeavor for the utility and the customer – and the way you present and market a program is as important as the…
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