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Be more than just a brand. Let NTC’s educational programming provide measurable connections to the people you want to reach.


NTC is a premium service provider of educational programming with operations across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We work directly between schools and our clients to promote beneficial behaviours and life skills to students in grades K-12 on a local, regional and national level. Since 1978, we have formed connections and helped develop relationships between thousands of schools and corporations, non-profits and governmental organisations.

NTC’s award-winning programs add immense value in:

By connecting with NTC, clients become more than brands and are instead seen as advocates in the community. The impact of our work is validated by third party evaluations and hundreds of favourable testimonials from clients, administrators, and teachers.

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Although students are the initial recipients of NTC’s educational programming, the students’ parents are often the primary target audience. We see a Trickle Up™ effect from our programming, in which students pass along beneficial behaviours and influence the participation of family decision-makers that comprise our clients’ communities.

Our programs are free for schools and are fully customisable to accommodate the specificity of each client’s messaging. Through formats including live performance, livestream events, in-class and at-home discussion, graphic novels, print curriculum and digital games and activities, we present topics to engage and empower students such as: 

In doing so, we are helping our clients to be forces of change for students, parents and entire communities.


We work on behalf of our clients, exclusively in the K-12 space all throughout Australia and New Zealand, delivering lasting impact which translates to real value and measurable results.
By connecting our clients with schools, and educating students with knowledge that empowers and inspires, NTC helps students along with their parents to learn beneficial habits, create meaningful change and affect positive behaviour change.

Our award-winning educational programs deliver messaging on energy conservation, emergency preparedness, financial literacy, STEM enrichment, health and wellness, water and environmental stewardship, social responsibility and other topics important to our clients. We customise community outreach programs to reach the goals that matter to our partnering organisations, whether that’s customer education, brand awareness, public relations value, reputation management, corporate social responsibility or striving to make the world a better place.

How does NTC reach hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and family members each year? Watch our video to see how everything connects with NTC.

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