Since 1978, NTC has pioneered behavior change initiatives, residential kit programs, community outreach campaigns and public relations services on behalf of corporations, government entities, nonprofits and other organizations. Our customizable educational outreach ensures that our clients’ messaging inspires students, educators and families in their communities and provides long-term, positive impacts with a nearly unlimited reach.

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How NTC Guarantees Delivery

Key Differentiator:

NTC’s unique approach of inspiring positive change by engaging students in grades K-12 only works if we can gain access to schools. Our School Communications team guarantees that access by establishing a rapport and reputation of educational excellence with educators nationwide.

What We Do:

When we contact the schools, our School Communications team activates established relationships with educators. We get the program inserted in the school’s curriculum by centering our marketing on the program’s education points and how teachers can use it in their class. For each organization we serve, we develop a thorough marketing campaign which can include phone calls, email campaigns and direct mailings.

Once a school opts to participate, the work is not complete. Upon booking, we encourage classroom use by sending the digital information which is education-centered with a teacher toolkit and student learning materials. Participation in NTC’s programs not only will educate and empower student advocacy, but it will also serve as a conduit to creating a robust educational experience in the classroom. By prioritizing teacher processes and working in their schedule, we remove barriers in full adoption of the program.

Reason for Success:

The Director of School Communications, says, “We understand our audience – all the various educators we work with, from teachers, to principals, to counselors, to parent organizations, to Library/Media specialists. We understand how to connect the relevance of our program to the specificity of their experience and interests from their vantage point – both in working with educators on an individual level, and in segmenting our mass communications per our different audiences. We also work together well as a team and support each other internally with a sense of humor and a good dose of optimism.”

NTC’s School Communications department guarantees you access to schools and results for your goals.

“I believe in the arts. I believe in educators. I believe in students. If our work helps brighten the days of educators and students, and offers them a valuable enrichment that supplements their educational goals and experiences, our job is worthwhile.”

MaryLynn Mennicke, NTC’s Director of School Communication

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NTC engages our clients’ communities by providing unique deliverables to K-12 schools. Through our 40+ years of experience, we’ve developed these communication platforms as a reliable tool for educator implementation and a guarantee that our clients’ messaging reaches its audience. By utilizing a comprehensive set of resources within our K-12 programming, educators can engage diverse learning styles to assure comprehension and NTC can reach clients’ goals in various cohesive ways.