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Energy Transition

NTC works with major utilities, co-ops, government agencies and other organizations to teach students, educators and family members a variety of important energy-related topics. Our K-12 school programs motivate entire communities to learn about idea like:

Through humor and creativity, we energize kids and inspire them to discuss these subjects with their families, which creates a long-term connection and measurable impacts throughout our clients’ service areas. 

Educational Points

Every NTC program is built around four educational points and supported by the curriculum connected to those points. The points vary to appropriately connect to different grade bands in the K-12 setting and align with state and national education standards, as well as provide specificity to each client’s message. As your industry priorities evolve, the flexibility of the educational point library allows your NTC program to share distinct information with your school communities.

Featured Programs

Electrification Nation

Electrification Nation is a multi-tier program that can include live events, e-learning and printed materials that teach students about how electricity is generated, what clean energy and a carbon footprint are and what we all can do to help the energy transition. The Electrification Nation graphic novel is a take-home print piece designed to inspire energy conservation in the home and empower the next generation to help define a clean energy future. Join Evie Wander as she travels across the country in her electric vehicle, Kitty, following a clean energy mystery. Evie visits a wind farm in Iowa, a hurricane clean-up crew in North Carolina and a battery storage facility in California. Along the way she learns about energy efficiency, clean, renewable resources, climate resiliency, electrification and conservation.

Home Smart Home

Home Smart Home is an energy transition educational program designed to inform students and their families about how energy is used in their homes and what tools and resources are available in their community to reduce their energy usage. The program covers a variety of home settings, from single family dwellings to apartment buildings and multi-family homes. The program is segmented for grade levels 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Each grade segment has call to action messaging that can be tailored for specific communities and utility programs. From younger grades learning about how to conserve electricity with their families to middle schoolers learning about the benefits of electrification and high schoolers learning about Smart Home careers, Home Smart Home is created to empower young people to be a part of the energy transition and influence their communities to do the same.


Connect2Next is a STEM career pathways educational program that cultivates the next generation to be curious, critical thinkers who are eager to build STEM skills and solve problems. We have offered high school programs that center on green careers in STEM industries for some time, allowing utilities and other companies to recruit and inspire their future workforce – but our full curriculum goes as low as upper elementary school to respond to the changing trajectory of students’ matriculation. From growing awareness of the new emerging energy workforce to recruiting for specific training opportunities, we work to get students and their families excited about STEM and the major role it plays in society and the economy.

Click here to read more about the behavior change education programs NTC has delivered on behalf of many utilities. 

With an increase in climate-related disruptions, the need to build more energy resilient communities is more urgent than ever. Getting your community on board is also more important than ever.

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