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NTC works with major utilities, co-ops, government agencies and other organizations to teach students, educators and family members a variety of important energy-related topics. Our K-12 school programs motivate entire communities to learn about:

Through humor and creativity, we energize kids and inspire them to discuss these subjects with their families, which creates a long-term connection and measurable impacts throughout our clients’ service areas.

Our STEM-based programs align with state and national education standards and enable organizations to fulfill utility goals in customer education and energy savings.

Educational Points

Every NTC program is built around four educational points and supported by the curriculum connected to those points. The points vary to appropriately connect to different grade bands in the K-12 setting and align with state and national education standards, as well as provide specificity to each client’s message. As your industry priorities evolve, the flexibility of the educational point library allows your NTC program to share distinct information with your school communities.

Featured Programs

Energy Academy

Energy Academy is a live theatrical production that presents three hilarious sketches all about energy efficiency. By watching and participating in these improvisation-based sketches, students will learn about how electricity is generated from natural resources, how electricity gets wasted every day and what we all can do to help conserve electricity and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Students and teachers also have access to an e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom to reinforce concepts from the show as well as bilingual printed materials. This title is often connected with a kit distribution program.


Electrification Nation

Electrification Nation is a unique program that presents an accessible story about energy efficiency and the future of energy. Students learn how electricity is generated, what clean energy and a carbon footprint are and what we all can do to help conserve energy. The main character Evie Wander is super excited to be a contestant on the adventure racing show Electrification Nation. Evie’s adventure includes: her smart home, a wind farm technician, a high school green team doing hurricane clean-up, clues at a battery storage state and a hydroelectric dam…all while driving her trusted electric vehicle, Kitty. This program is a great way to connect the principles of energy efficiency to the energy transition for school communities.

Eco Guardians

Often paired with an energy-saving kit distribution program, this live in-school performance features two professional actors who play a variety of characters. Students learn about energy efficiency with the help of Nikki Neutron, a superhero for the energy-saving Eco Guardians. Nikki’s boss, U.R. Fired, informs her that the wasteful supervillain The Sneaker is on the loose. With the help of characters like Thunderstorm and Bert the Dirt Expert, Nikki (and your students) learn all about energy conservation and set out to convince The Sneaker why protecting our planet is important. The in-school assembly is supported by digital educational materials to expand upon the educational content of the program.

Beyond the Blue Flame

Beyond the Blue Flame is a high-school program that explores natural gas benefits and safety through the lens of the food and hospitality industry. Energy-efficient cooking practices are reviewed as well as natural gas safety tips. Two engaging facilitators share their own tales of working in the food industry, as well as elicit stories from students in the audience. They review the different cooking methods for preparing a meal and get the students to participate in a “virtual feast” by coming up with crazy recipes on the spot. This curriculum offers eight online learning modules with beginning, intermediate and advanced lessons that delve deeper into cooking tutorials, recipes, kitchen safety and jobs/careers in the food industry.

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