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Creative Engagement Strategies

Did you know? Information presented as a story is retained 22x more effectively than a presentation of facts and figures. NTC’s creative engagement strategies apply story-based learning to the amplification of client messaging. This method inspires positive behavior change in students that spreads into homes and throughout communities.

NTC’s proven approach increases both classroom discussion and student retention of important topics and information. Through social-norming techniques and memorable educational experiences, NTC’s K-12 outreach sticks with students long past the event and supports sustainable and meaningful behavior change over time.

Our creative engagement delivery methods include:

  • Live in-school performances
  • Real-time livestream events
  • Videos on-demand

Live in-school performances

NTC has effectively educated students through live, all-school assembly performances since 1978. Our customized scripts, performed by two actor-educators, use creative theatre techniques to bring important educational topics to life and connect with students in meaningful ways. Our shows typically focus on four educational points, taught and demonstrated throughout each performance, that are aligned with state and national standards. Performative teaching techniques like call-and-response, student volunteers, moving through the audience and the use of physical props support the educational concepts of each event. NTC programs connect with all kinds of learners, through a variety of teaching styles, to ensure a meaningful experience for each student.

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Real-time livestream events

NTC’s Livestream Learning Studio delivers your messaging directly into schools through our user-friendly digital platform. Our diverse cast of dynamic hosts interact directly with each participating classroom and answer student questions live from our home studio in Minneapolis. NTC’s virtual programs engage students with academic content through storytelling, humor and creative activities. Livestream programs stream directly into classrooms with no additional equipment or software required and are a great tool to focus your program on specific grade-levels.

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Videos on-demand

NTC’s video on-demand options combine our story-based learning approach and creative storytelling techniques with digital technology to create unique classroom teaching tools. They are flexible and repeatable for the educators who use them and provide consistency in messaging and production. Educational videos capture students’ attention while supporting easy access and implementation for educators. Many live programs are supported with on-demand videos of the same program to extend the program materials into future weeks for the participating schools. Video engagement provides verifiable consistency of messaging through a visual/audio approach to learning. These academic experiences are familiar to students who already connect with devices as learning tools. Many of our videos are made to reinforce learning in the classroom.

NTC Studios is our full-service video production agency, specializing in digital content that makes a powerful impact on your customers and communities. NTC Studios provides creative solutions to meet market demand and customer expectations without sacrificing your budget. Our turnkey services include script development, casting, filming, editing and all post-production tasks. From how-to videos and animation to on-boarding resources and social media campaigns, let’s connect to explore your idea.

  • How-to videos
  • Animated videos
  • On-boarding videos
  • Installation videos for various kit incentive components
  • Social media and digital marketing videos
  • Teaching training videos

Video production at NTC has won multiple Telly Awards and is responsible for the nationally syndicated educational series, M@d About.

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