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How to Promote Electric Vehicle Adoption

As the realities of climate change show themselves more and more, it is important for us as a society to make what changes we can to mitigate the damage we do to our environment. Reducing the emissions from vehicles, large and small, is one way we can make a difference.…
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water wise

Water Wise: Ways to Save Water

Many parts of the world are in the midst of an ongoing drought of historical proportions. This has led many communities to implement water restriction measures and other ways to conserve this precious necessity. Even those who live near plentiful sources of water need to take steps to curb usage…
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recycling guide

Recycling guide for children

Sustainability is a huge priority to NTC across all industries and practices. We’ve helped clients teach school students all kinds of positive behaviors that support a more sustainable future for them. In fact, one of the first green topic tours we ever presented was back in 1992 with a recycling…
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beneficial electrification

Beneficial Electrification Could Save the Environment

It seems like every day we hear new predictions about how dramatically climate change will affect the earth if we don’t reduce our fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions. We’ve been hearing it for decades, but we’ve been reluctant to change as a people. Luckily, public and corporate sentiments have…
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reducing carbon footprint in schools

How Schools Can Meet Their Decarbonization Goals

The central purpose of a school is to educate young people and power their potential for future success. In a warming world, this includes building sustainable schools. According to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, the average school carbon footprint is 9.4 metric tons annually. Reducing the carbon footprint…
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NTC Featured

NTC Presents the Results of Our NEW Utility Dive Survey

The Content The 2017 Utility Residential Customer Education Survey, implemented by NTC in conjunction with Utility Dive is an in-depth look at residential customer programming. What works? What doesn’t work? What does the future hold? One hundred eight-seven utility experts weighed in and the results are available in a full…
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mad about resources

Discover Ways to Create Unique and Effective Customer Education

Community education programs are a mainstay for investor-owned utilities, cooperatives and municipalities. Delivering K-12 outreach through educational programming makes a real impact. You form lasting connections with your community, influence energy usage behaviors and reach parents through the “trickle up effect”: educating K-12 students through in-school events and sitting back…
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