Our K-12 educational programming connects with students, teachers and family members to inspire positive behavior change in your organization’s community. Here’s how it works.


How can you teach valuable life skills to make an impact in your community for years to come?

That’s NTC’s mission – helping the organizations we serve deliver beneficial messaging in ways that inspire current and future generations. We strive to support communities on behalf of our clients through meaningful educational programs in subjects that include (but are not limited to):

  • energy efficiency
  • safety
  • water conservation
  • financial literacy
  • health and wellness
  • STEM enrichment
  • emergency preparedness


Social Norming Through K-12 Education is the Key

The theory of social norming states that our behavior is influenced by perceived norms of how our peers think and act. When students receive your organization’s messaging together, as a social group, this inspires them to commit to positive behavior change and empowers them to share their excitement with their families, creating a “Trickle Up” effect.

When students, family members and educators are motivated to spread the word throughout the community, your organization’s messaging can reach more people than ever before.


Innovative Learning Activities Inspire Students

There are seven different types of learning styles, including visual (spatial), aural (auditory), verbal (linguistic), physical (kinesthetic), logical (mathematical), social (interpersonal) and solitary (intrapersonal). It’s important that K-12 education programs appeal to all of these learning styles, ensuring that students engage with the material.

NTC’s cross-curricular approach is rooted in this diverse pedagogy, connecting with as many different students as possible to help them retain meaningful information. In fact, during the 2020-21 school year, 95% of teachers said that NTC’s programs were able to stimulate classroom discussion!

NTC offers a comprehensive set of educational resources by designing, developing and delivering six different customizable learning tools:

  • Virtual livestream events
  • Live in-school performances
  • Instructional and educational videos for students, educators and family members
  • E-learning packages
  • Print curriculum
  • Games for online and classroom use


NTC’s K-12 Educational Programs Make a Difference in Communities Nationwide

How do we know this? By evaluating the success of our behavior change programs through quantitative and qualitative metrics.

We ask educators to rate NTC programs on a variety of criteria and solicit their written feedback. In the 2020-21 school year, over 46,000 teachers offered their input, rating the overall educational value of NTC’s community outreach a 6.44 out of 7.

What’s more, 95% of teachers said they wanted to receive another program from NTC in the future.

We also enlist third-party evaluations and deliver pre- and post-tests to students to track behavior change. Finally, we ask parents to fill out online surveys to measure their participation, and track media coverage for our clients’ programs to track substantial earned PR.

All of these evaluation metrics prove that NTC’s mission is successful year after year: we inspire students, educators and families to adopt positive behaviors that matter to organizations like yours.


Behavior Change That Enriches Your Community Culture – and Your Organization

Since 1978, we have learned firsthand that dynamic learning activities instill important life skills in K-12 students, preparing them for future success and inspiring positive behavior change. Every year, we’re thrilled to see students embrace organizations’ messaging and spread the word to their friends and families.

This widespread impact helps our clients connect with their current and future customers while supercharging their brand reputation. But more importantly, it helps build stronger, greener, more positive communities locally and across the globe.


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