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Community Relationships

We customize your community outreach program to reach the goals that matter to you. From consumer education and building brand awareness to growing your public relations value and meeting corporate social responsibility goals, our work together strives to make the world a better place.

By sponsoring programs that utilize NTC’s creative engagement strategies, your company:

Part of NTC’s services include monitoring your press and media mentions. Peruse below to see some of the mentions and features made about our clients this season.

Importance of Digital Wellbeing in Young People

Digital technology is an important means of accessing information and communicating with one another in the twenty-first century. That said, it has also evolved to...
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Electrical Safety for Kids: Essential Tips to Offer Your Community of Customers

Electricity is powering the future. As the energy transition continues to move forward, everything from home appliances to power tools and vehicles are being electrified....
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Battery life extended

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‘Ready or Not’: Preparing Kids to Stay Safe Around Wildfires

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Electrical Safety Tips for Educational Environments

Classrooms today are built around technology. We use electronic devices and high tech machinery in many of our classes. That technology does not evaporate when...
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Earth Day is a celebration and more than 1 billion people world-wide celebrate it each year. But it is more than that too. It is...
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