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Water Resources

Investor-owned utilities, municipalities, city and state agencies, and regional water districts educate their communities about water conservation, pollution prevention and water stewardship through NTC’s unique outreach programs. Our K-12 education campaigns are customizable to address issues relevant to each of our clients’ geo-specific service areas. Behavior change programs may also include:

Educational Points

Every NTC program is built around four educational points and supported by the curriculum connected to those points. The points vary to appropriately connect to different grade bands in the K-12 setting and align with state and national education standards, as well as provide specificity to each client’s message. As your industry priorities evolve, the flexibility of the educational point library allows your NTC program to share distinct information with your school communities.

Featured Programs

Aqua Avengers

Aqua Avengers is performed by two professional actors who lead your students through an action-packed adventure, all while teaching about water conservation. Our water-saving hero, Thunderstorm, is attending a picnic for lone superheroes looking to join a group of other heroes, who are equally passionate about saving water and preventing pollution. Before a squad can be formed, though, they discover that someone is wasting and polluting water at the picnic. Educational content includes the importance of water, water conservation techniques and how drains function to support water quality. Along with the live show, students and teachers have access to an e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom to reinforce the standards-aligned educational information.

Showdown at Dry Gulch

Our story opens at high noon in Dodge Ball City, where Sheriff Carrie Gooper is faced with a problem – there seems to be a water shortage. Seeking help from other characters and audience participation, she hopes to uncover the cause of the water shortage and learns about the importance of drinking fresh drinking water and how to protect it along the way. Students and teachers will also have access to an e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom to reinforce concepts from the show.

Ready or Not

You can’t teach during an emergency. Unfortunately water resources are a huge aspect to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and drought. That’s why our emergency preparedness program, Ready or Not, is designed for K-12 students and their families in any region of the U.S., and is customizable to include messaging on any emergency or geo-specific community – especially their specific protocol during a water emergency.


Connect2Next is a STEM career pathways educational program that cultivates the next generation to be curious, critical thinkers who are eager to build STEM skills and solve problems. We have offered high school programs that center on green careers in STEM industries for some time, allowing utilities and other companies to recruit and inspire their future workforce – but our full curriculum goes as low as upper elementary school to respond to the changing trajectory of students’ matriculation. From growing awareness of the water workforce to recruiting for specific training opportunities, we work to get students and their families excited about STEM and the major role it plays in society and the economy.

Areas experiencing severe to exceptional drought continue to expand but so do the conditions affecting water supplies throughout the US, including pollution, land degradation and groundwater depletion.

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