How soon is too soon for recruiting skilled workers?

There is a genuine and justifiable fear that in the not-so-distant future, major industries will be struggling to find skilled workers. Think about your utility and what it takes to make it function properly. Are there enough potential employees continually interested in being a part of your team? And if so, do they have the educational background to make the cut?

Finding potential employees at job fairs, local colleges or even at the high school level is a great way to fulfill your workforce needs. By starting younger, however, you lay a broad foundation to build upon for years to come. Investing in K-12 educational outreach allows your organization to not only teach the basics of energy efficiency and safety, but also the reasons why a future career in the utilities industry is appealing.

In order to guarantee access to K-12 schools, make sure that your programs align with the same education standards that schools in your service territory must follow, whether they be the Next Generation Science Standards or individual state standards. To illustrate the importance of following the proper guidelines when creating your own programming or seeking a vendor to do the job for you, we’ve created this short video.

We call these videos live-action infographics. This is just one installment in the series. You’re probably familiar with a typical infographic. Information is distilled down into clear concise facts, supported by interesting images. In our ongoing attempt to make learning a stimulating event, NTC went further, creating a visual experience that builds an infographic on-camera. Using photos, props, and a pair of disembodied hands, we present several reasons and benefits tied to standards-aligned programs:

  • • Schools will be more likely to welcome your outside program if it aligns with their curriculum
  • • Incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (or appropriate standards for your region) shows educators that you value the science behind energy
  • • You can enhance your brand reputation by being a partner in education with your local schools

Take a few minutes to watch and enjoy this short live-action infographic.

How soon is too soon for recruiting skilled workers?