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Targeted Outreach Methods

NTC has spent decades cultivating, innovating and successfully growing effective ways to reach, entertain and educate school-age children and their families. Our targeted outreach methods are a dynamic part of our successful equation.

Our outreach services include: 

NTC’s comprehensive outreach expertise assures consistency in school recruitment and program implementation, bringing reliable programming to each proposed school audience.

Call Center
Email Campaigns
In Person Connection

Open Access

We amplify our clients’ messaging with:

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NTC’s years of experience has built our reputation with schools over time. It is not about a one and done experience, but our ability to engage with the school community year after year. Quality programming is a part of the NTC brand and improves our ability to continue booking school outreach programming on behalf of our clients.

All combined, our targeted outreach methods yield results for our clients and get their messaging where they need it most.

Of the 2,436 K-12 schools NTC visited this school year,
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What educators say about NTC programs:

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