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Educational Materials

NTC’s innovative educational materials are tailor-made resources and materials for the classroom and beyond. Our educational suite encompasses creative, story-based products, gamification strategies, and both print and digital materials.

The supplemental education materials we deliver for our clients are created to support teachers in subjects already being taught, reinforce core educational concepts, and align with state and national education standards, They are built to share with parents and caregivers and encourage adoption of positive behaviors.

NTC’s in-house Creative Services Department serves as our clients’ all-inclusive creative team to successfully design custom deliverables, including all listed below. Materials can be bilingual.

Print materials

NTC’s sponsor-branded print materials align with our livestream events, in-school programs or as standalone educational pieces. Based on educator feedback we know that our printed materials are sent home with students 92% of the time, directly connecting clients to families in their community.


Livestream events and in-school programs may include a comprehensive print package, which can also be delivered digitally. The package includes student playbooks with activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons. Teachers receive the accompanying digital teacher toolkit with detailed program instructions and information, as well as infographic posters for the classroom.


Primary workbooks are designed for students age 5-8 and include full-color front and back covers and 12 pages of hands-on activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons.This enhanced version of the student playbook offers even more dynamic artwork and additional exercises to deepen the learning experience.


Student-parent handbooks include a wealth of information and a variety of activities for middle and high school students and their families. These handbooks provide opportunities for families to monitor and improve their behavior related to habits connected to their home and lifestyle. NTC spiralizes the educational content and articulates activities by grade level so that students shoulder greater responsibility and increase their awareness and engagement, year after year.

DID YOU KNOW? 92% of NTC’s print materials make their way into residential customers’ homes.

E-Learning packages

Appealing, easy-to-use and compatible across numerous platforms, digital learning assets are imperative to engaging educators and other participants in your educational program. Every NTC program includes a student e-learning package and digital Teacher Toolkit. These customized portals include lessons, quizzes and follow-up assessments. Student e-learning packages include gamification, activities, digital workbooks and interactive e-books.


NTC’s e-books are interactive digital stories that help students read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. Teachers can use this activity to support and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words and meanings. The e-book includes questions for students to show what they know and encourages any reader to be engaged in a way that will help them understand and prepare for life skills outside the classroom.

Let’s reinforce your message! Online learning can reduce the time needed to learn a subject by 40% to 60%

The Power Play classroom game includes videos for educators and students, beautifully designed printouts to provide clues, and creative, interactive digital materials to tell the story and help students solve puzzles.


An important part of NTC’s curriculum is gamification. Our sponsor-branded digital and immersive games turn educational concepts into fun and exciting challenges. Educational gamification is a growing tactic that many educators request often.


NTC creates educational and interactive digital games and activities that run on smartphones, tablets, computers, classroom whiteboards and other digital platforms for use in the classroom and at home. The activities include ready-made lessons which educators can customize to best suit their classroom needs. All games and e-books can be integrated into existing client web pages and digital platforms.


The Power Play classroom game is an educational tool that turns individual classrooms into academically-focused escape rooms. The game provides a hands-on learning experience and teaches the Four C’s of 21st Century Learning: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. 

To play, the class or group is divided into teams. Team members must work together to solve a series of challenging puzzles and find clues that lead to unlocking a mystery box in order to win the game and receive the prize.

The Power Play classroom game includes videos for educators and students, beautifully designed printouts to provide clues, and creative, interactive digital materials to tell the story and help students solve puzzles. It provides a fun, engaging way to teach about energy efficiency, STEM subjects, emergency preparedness, financial literacy, health and wellness, water conservation and stewardship, natural gas and electrical safety, and other subjects.

Chapter books

Customized chapter books can act as an effective tool for ensuring your community spends more time with your story. Whether it be the story of how your water gets to its consumers, the path of an item getting recycled and repurposed or setting up a group of kid heroes to lead the town during a climate disaster, NTC can add engaging characters and a plotline to the educational points of your program for a long-lasting chapter book.  As teachers, students and families  are drawn into the storyline, they are motivated to read more, improve their vocabulary and participate in the call to action of your custom chapter book.

Think about it! Books have a profound impact on society. They educate us, build empathy, shape our culture and values, promote critical thinking, and foster connections among people.

Graphic novels

NTC’s educational graphic novels are a thrilling way for students to dive deep into important information. The exciting stories, combined with striking artwork, bring topics that are important to your audience to life. They are sponsor-branded on the front and back covers. Additional sponsor branding and student activity pages can be incorporated throughout the story. They appeal to all learning types and serve as a powerful way to connect our clients with their communities. Contact us for more info!

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