Discover best practices for using graphic novels for promoting financial literacy

Community education programs are a mainstay for financial organizations. Delivering K-12 outreach that makes a real impact will form lasting connections and improve the wealth and prosperity of your community and your organization. An effective strategy, though, takes more than providing a few money-saving tips to your customers. Inspiring students to prepare for their financial […]
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Workforce Development: Are you doing it right?

There is a genuine and justifiable fear that in the not-so-distant future, major industries will be struggling to find skilled workers. Think about your financial organization and what it takes to make it function properly. Are there enough potential employees continually interested in being a part of your team? And if so, do they have […]
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Get Creative with Financial Literacy Education

Educating your customers about the basics of financial literacy is more important than ever before. Credit options abound, online shopping is the new norm and financial markets continue to deal with general instability. Encouraging your customers to prepare for their financial future can increase wealth and prosperity for both your organization and your community. Featuring […]
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Discover What the Financial Industry Has Learned About K-12 Education

When done well, bank-sponsored financial literacy programs fulfill a vital public mission and help refine the industry’s public reputation in the eyes of its stakeholders. Even so, financial institutions sometimes question the efficacy of such programs and can fail to optimize the funds they receive for the purpose of community engagement. To better understand the […]
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We Asked the Experts

In a 2017 national survey of banking industry executives by SourceMedia (publisher of American Banker) NTC explored how financial institutions use financial literacy education for K-12 students to differentiate themselves from competitors. Interestingly, 83% of those surveyed believe that K-12 programs are gaining importance as part of their mission and 80% believe that budgets for […]
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The Effectiveness of Early Personal Financial Education

How can you get the best ROI from your K-12 financial literacy program? Financial Economist, Lewis Mandell Ph.D., conducted a study of the effectiveness of financial literacy education on pre-high school students. Through pre- and post-tests, along with a unique experiment, he found clear indicators that the students directly engaged by the particular program outlined […]
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