Inflation Reduction Act for businesses

How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Benefit Business Owners

Businesses can save a great deal of money by embracing sustainability and renewable resources. Still, the costs of initially embracing those technologies can be prohibitive for some small and medium size companies. Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act though are set up to help businesses with these costs.  When looking…
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cost of financial illiteracy

How Much Financial Illiteracy Costs Americans

Financial literacy may be one of modern life’s most valuable skill sets. Unfortunately, as essential as it may be, financial skills are taught in very few public schools. With an absence of school instruction, most people who are not taught by a family member or seek information out will find…
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Educational Standards financial

Workforce Development: Are you doing it right?

There is a genuine and justifiable fear that in the not-so-distant future, major industries will be struggling to find skilled workers. Think about your financial organization and what it takes to make it function properly. Are there enough potential employees continually interested in being a part of your team? And…
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Financial learning

Get Creative with Financial Literacy Education

Educating your customers about the basics of financial literacy is more important than ever before. Credit options abound, online shopping is the new norm and financial markets continue to deal with general instability. Encouraging your customers to prepare for their financial future can increase wealth and prosperity for both your…
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