Are your financial literacy programs getting you bang for your buck?

There are many ways that your financial organization can educate those in your community about smart money management, from volunteers in schools to educational print materials and online resources. With many of these methods however, it’s easy to track the cost of implementation but hard to track the return on investment. How can you be sure that your outreach is making an impact in a cost-effective manner?

One of the most powerful methods of community outreach is the K-12 school channel. When your organization brings important messaging about financial literacy to schools in innovative ways, you can get students excited about saving and spending wisely. And since kids are a huge influence on their parents, their passion can spread to families in your community, leading to unparalleled outreach.

Take a look at the latest video in our NTC ED Talk series, in which Pat Rowan, Vice President of Operations, discusses NTC’s dedication to quality assurance. Through our careful approach, we’re able to provide a turnkey experience for our clients and guarantee access to schools. Our quality-assurance measures include:

    • • Current data on schools nationwide to reach the greatest number of students and educators possible


    • • Follow-up teacher evaluations to gauge the educational value of our programs


    • • Pre- and post-test data through independent third parties to track positive behavior change


  • • Online programs and activation to assess family involvement in homes


By sharing some of our secrets with you, we hope to convey how our well-rounded approach has set us apart in the field of educational outreach. We’ve been partnering with some of the biggest financial organizations in the country for 40 years, and we know from experience that engaging young students causes them to think about their financial futures can prepare them for success and spread valuable messages throughout our clients’ communities. Watch our latest NTC ED Talk to see how we can do the same for your organization.

Are your financial literacy programs getting you bang for your buck?