Get Creative with Financial Literacy Education

Financial learning

Educating your customers about the basics of financial literacy is more important than ever before. Credit options abound, online shopping is the new norm and financial markets continue to deal with general instability. Encouraging your customers to prepare for their financial future can increase wealth and prosperity for both your organization and your community.

Featuring money management tips on your website and distributing brochures is helpful, but those methods are easy for customers to overlook. These days, we’re bombarded with promotional videos online and in social media feeds, not to mention ads on TV and nearly everywhere else you look. Grabbing your customers’ attention requires an extra dash of creativity.

We’d like to introduce this short video, produced by NTC, which presents financial literacy education in a fun and imaginative way. In our series titled The Mummy Gets Schooled, we take subject matter that is important to financial organizations – in this case, different forms of payment including cash, check and credit – and turn it into a short, comedic story with essential information included. A video series like this can be extremely effective at:

  • • Presenting simple messages in a way that sparks interest
  • • Approaching advertising in a way that’s vibrant and engaging, instead of pushy or corporate
  • • Establishing a bond with the customer through a lighthearted approach
  • • Creating a mascot of sorts that becomes a familiar and identifiable character tied to your brand
  • • Doing all of this in a stylish, appealing way that’s simple and cost-effective

This video series is produced by NTC at our studio in Minneapolis. The selection of the mummy was based on comedic potential: what kind of character would be uneducated in the basics of money management? What character would be immediately recognizable without requiring a backstory, allowing us to get right to the comedy and the educational aspects? It didn’t hurt that we already had a mummy costume lying around.

Your financial organization might not have to deal with customers that sign their checks using hieroglyphics or try to pay with a bag of ancient gemstones. But it does face the challenge of engaging and entertaining customers so they’ll pay attention to your community outreach efforts. Videos like this, which relate to the customer on an emotional level, can cause them them to take notice.

NTC has specialized in K-12 programming for 40 years, and we know from experience that using humor and creativity can be especially effective. Along with our video production, we provide student playbooks, graphic novels, digital games and activities, and live in-school performances to get students excited about financial literacy. When those students are inspired to go home and share the lessons they’ve learned with their parents, they become effective messengers for our clients, encouraging positive awareness and behavior change throughout the community.

Get Creative with Financial Literacy Education