Workforce Development: Are you doing it right?

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There is a genuine and justifiable fear that in the not-so-distant future, major industries will be struggling to find skilled workers. Think about your financial organization and what it takes to make it function properly. Are there enough potential employees continually interested in being a part of your team? And if so, do they have the educational background to make the cut?

Finding potential employees at job fairs, local colleges or even at the high school level is a great way to fulfill your workforce needs. By starting younger however, you lay a broad foundation to build upon for years to come. Investing in K-12 educational outreach allows your organization to not only teach the basics of financial literacy, but also the reasons why a future career in banking or finance is appealing.

This live-action infographic presents a number of benefits to aligning your K-12 outreach with national and regional education standards, including:

    • • Schools will be more likely to welcome your outside program if it aligns with their curriculum


    • • Reinforcing teachers’ lesson plans will encourage them to feature your educational outreach in their classroom


    • • Incorporating JumpStart national education standards in financial literacy ensures that your programs contain valuable information that will benefit students in the future


  • • Standards-aligned programs can also improve the financial habits of adults, which will increase the chance of your program making an impact in homes and communities as students spread your organization’s message


Why go to all this trouble to convey the importance of national education standards when we could just write an article? Because everyone, from K-12 students to adults dealing with everyday financial pressures, learns in a variety of different ways. These videos employ the same approach as our live in-school events, which are accompanied by print materials, digital games and activities, and gamification strategies: by engaging audiences through creativity, humor and storytelling. Your organization can turn rote educational lessons into inspirational experiences that make a difference. It could be the key to recruiting your future workers and preparing for the workforce demands of tomorrow.

Workforce Development: Are you doing it right?