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Creating a “win-win scenario” is usually the goal for businesses in any industry. What’s the best approach to satisfy your customers and succeed as a company too? Utilities put a lot of time, energy and money into residential programming with the goal of creating the win-win scenario. Often, the approach is incentive-based, providing rebates or cash for kilowatts. But offering customers more than money tends to get their attention. A program that “gives back” is an attractive offering.

In this third and final installment of our video series, MaryLynn Mennicke, School Communications Manager at NTC, talks about one of our AESP award-winning programs for a major U.S. utility. MaryLynn details the win-win-win scenario we achieved that paid off for our client, their customers and our own organization.

Program Marketing through School Activation – Part 3

Residential Programs That Make a Difference