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Learn How Your Organization Can Pioneer STEM Education

The students of today will be the engineers, innovators and pioneers of tomorrow, with the ability to revolutionize STEM industries around the world. But how can your organization inspire a passion for STEM among such a vital audience? The most effective way is to incorporate the creative arts and develop a STEAM program that engages students’ imagination.

Incorporating the arts into STEM makes initially difficult concepts more fun and accessible to learn, allowing students to connect STEM disciplines to their own personal lives. As cell phones, tablets, computer screens and other media have become more prevalent, kids increasingly engage with education that tells stories and allows them to respond creatively. Arts-based learning can also appeal to a wider range of students, allowing all kids—including those who believe they have little capacity for math and science—to develop a passion for STEM.

At NTC, we specialize in connecting organizations like yours to students, families and communities by educating kids through creativity. We’ve been perfecting our approach for 40 years, developing premium educational programs that have engaged over 6 million students at more than 18,000 schools in 44 states since 2010 alone. Along the way, we’ve been honored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and even performed at the White House. From live in-school events to web development to video production, our content inspires as well as educates, making a positive impact on the young audiences that matter most—and we can provide that same impact for your community outreach program.

Watch the video above to see just one example of how we use humor, creativity and imagination to get kids excited about STEM careers. You can’t teach an old Mummy new tricks, but you can prepare for the future of STEM by inspiring the young minds in your community.

Learn How Your Organization Can Pioneer STEM Education