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STEM industries will play a major role in the future of our planet, but it can be hard to get young students interested in STEM subjects. The US Department of Education reports that our nation’s average scores in math and science rank 29th and 22nd worldwide, respectively. It’s more important than ever to support K-12 outreach, but with so many organizations investing in STEM education, how can you set yourself apart? The answer might sound simple but it could be the key to unlocking your program’s full potential: use social norming to ensure that your message sticks with students and creates a positive impact in their lives.

The concept of social norming is simple: by influencing perceptions of how our peers think and act, social norming can affect behavior change through group experience. The power of social norming is especially strong for young audiences, for whom the group experience is so important. When you support K-12 education, your organization can persuade entire schools full of students that STEM disciplines are exciting, interesting and offer promising career opportunities down the road.

NTC takes that lesson seriously, delivering award-winning educational content to thousands of schools a year that inspires students’ creativity and encourages positive behaviors. In the NTC ED Talk video above, Creative Director Jon Mikkelsen discusses how our programs are developed around the science of social norming. During one of our live events, an entire audience of friends and classmates is given the same information at once. This shared experience effectively delivers our sponsors’ messages and leaves students with actionable knowledge that will benefit their lives and communities. Watch the video and download the whitepaper to find out how we can help your organization inspire future generations of STEM innovators—and enhance your brand reputation in the process.

Discover the Secret Weapon to Supercharge Your Social Outreach