NTC’s sponsor-branded print materials align with our livestream events, in-school programs or as standalone educational pieces. Based on educator feedback we know that our printed materials are sent home with students 92% of the time, directly connecting clients to families in their community.

BOTT Print Package


Livestream events and in-school programs may include a comprehensive print package, which can also be delivered digitally. The package includes student playbooks with activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons. Teachers receive the accompanying digital teacher toolkit with detailed program instructions and information, as well as infographic posters for the classroom.

Print Materials, KoS


NTC’s educational graphic novels are a thrilling way for students to dive deep into important information. The exciting stories, combined with striking artwork, bring topics that are important to your audience to life. They are sponsor-branded on the front and back covers. Additional sponsor branding and student activity pages can be incorporated throughout the story.

Print Materials, Primary Books


Primary workbooks are designed for students age 5-8 and include full-color front and back covers and 12 pages of hands-on activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons.This enhanced version of the student playbook offers even more dynamic artwork and additional exercises to deepen the learning experience.

New Print Package


Student-parent handbooks include a wealth of information and a variety of activities for high school students and their families. These handbooks provide opportunities for families to monitor and improve their behavior related to habits connected to their home and lifestyle. NTC spiralizes the educational content and articulates activities by grade level so that students shoulder greater responsibility and increase their awareness and engagement, year after year. We take special care to develop and implement inclusive education strategies to effectively target the diverse student population found in your communities.