NTC delivers important client messaging through live, interactive theatre, reaching thousands of students and teachers in schools from grades K-12. These educational assemblies integrate seamlessly with our clients’ existing marketing, CSR, PR and community outreach initiatives. NTC’s programs cause a Trickle Up effect in which students influence the participation of family decision-makers and inspire beneficial behaviors. The live assemblies are performed by professional actors and align with national education standards for science, math and English language arts.

Our client’s key educational concepts are incorporated throughout the live, in-school programs, as well as through the print and digital materials provided for teachers and students from grades K-12. All deliverables include not only standards-based information, but also practical habits that teachers, students and their families can adopt to improve their behavior related to these issues. The information specifically addresses these topics as they relate to your organization. 

Research has proven what NTC has known for over 40 years: seeing live theatre is an effective way to teach academic content; it increases student tolerance by providing exposure to a broader, more diverse world and improves the ability of students to recognize what other people are thinking or feeling. These are significant benefits for students on specific educational outcomes that schools pursue and communities respect. Live theatre makes a memorable impact, and by NTC coming right to each school, barriers are eliminated for schools across the country to access entertaining and educational  theatre. 

Elementary School Program

Secondary School Program


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