A STEM Workforce Development Educational Program Focused on Fostering the Next Generation


STEM-focused occupations have grown 79% over the last three decades and are projected to grow over 11% by 2030. Yet, “only 20% of high school graduates are prepared for college-level course work in STEM majors.”*

*According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) as reported by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), July 2022.


There is a disconnect between the growth of STEM industries and how prepared the next generation is to fill quality roles in these expanding fields. STEM education opportunities are lacking across the board and too often offerings that inspire STEM interest, especially at a young age, are non-existent. How is the demand for a STEM workforce going to be met?

A STEM workforce requires more than just skills to complete a work order. Whether through a college degree, vocational training or an apprenticeship program, STEM fields demand curious individuals eager to solve problems and pave a path into the future. Cultivating this curiosity early in an individual’s education creates the foundation for not only building the workforce of the future but solving the world’s most pressing issues.

Connect2Next is a STEM workforce development educational program that cultivates the next generation to be these curious, critical thinkers who are eager to build STEM skills and solve problems. And yes, fill the quality roles in rapidly expanding STEM industries.


Connect2Next is a customizable, turnkey educational program designed to spark curiosity for STEM learning early in an individual’s education, when laying the foundation for work in STEM fields is most vital. The program is built to inspire the next generation to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving in a fun, interactive and memorable way. We employ live actor-educators to engage students and inspire active learning that supports the development of 21st Century skills now and into the future.


Connect2Next nurtures STEM learning through three crucial learning levels:

Connect2Next creatively meets each learning group where they are at, fostering pathways into STEM learning and occupations. Through both in-school events and interactive digital engagement, Connect2Next reaches students in dynamic ways, providing guideposts into growing STEM fields.


Connect2Next can deliver an impact on STEM workforce development at the heart of the future: students in grades 3-10. Nurturing STEM interest early is key to unlocking student potential for success in STEM careers.

Connect2Next engages students to discover what is possible, explore their curiosity and connect their STEM learning to a STEM career.

Inspiring students to Connect2Next builds the path to not only developing a future STEM workforce, but nurturing a better tomorrow.