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What’s your utility’s customer engagement strategy?

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Most utility companies offer some sort of education and community outreach programming. Helping your customers make their homes more energy efficient or develop energy-saving habits is a worthwhile endeavor for the utility and the customer – and the way you present and market a program is as important as the program itself. To develop an implementation strategy that really pays off, examine the customer journey, lead with purpose, develop engaging and consistent messaging, and create champions in the communities you serve. That approach helped to make a big difference in the lives of residential customers served by one of NTC’s utility clients.

In our three-part video series, NTC’s School Activation Manager, MaryLynn Mennicke, details how this particular program focused on the families of school-aged children and with their committed participation, saved 10,000,000 kWh of energy. If you haven’t watched part one of the series, check it out on our blog by completing the form below. Or if you’ve tuned in before, don’t miss this next segment in which MaryLynn examines the specific strategy that made the program such a success. Enjoy!

Program Marketing through School Activation – Part 2

What’s your utility’s customer engagement strategy?