See What Health Education Can Do for Your Organization and Community

Watch our animated video and download the printable infographic to find out how social norming can work wonders for your organization.

The secret weapon to supercharge your social outreach programs might not be so secret after all—the power of social norming has been known to marketers for nearly a century. In 1929, early PR guru Edward Bernays utilized social norming to broaden the market for tobacco: in an effort to get more women to smoke, Bernays enlisted a group of elegant ladies to march in New York’s Easter Sunday Parade, proudly puffing away at their cigarettes. The stunt worked, providing a massive breakthrough for the tobacco companies. But today, social norming can be used by your organization for much healthier ends: when used in your community outreach, the power of social norming through group experience can create a positive impact and enhance your brand reputation.

When responding to a 2015 Global Health survey, one major health organization said, “You really live and die on how trusted you are by patients and customers. Demonstrating a strong commitment to CSR really helps to build trust with patients, and that will speak to our long-term sustainability.” Community outreach is a savvy business move as well as an ethical one, but health organizations like yours want to be sure that education programs are as effective as possible—and social norming provides the key.

In our live-action infographic video, we illustrate how NTC has used social norming in our award-winning education programs for 40 years. Through props, dynamic visual design and vivid animation, the video demonstrates how social norming affects behavior change by altering misperceptions through a group experience. When we provide that kind of creative social norming to K-12 students, we’re able to get entire schools full of students excited about healthy living—and the impact doesn’t stop there, as that enthusiasm soon spreads to families and communities. With this rippling effect, your organization’s community impact can become limitless.

Watch our video and download the printable infographic to see how we’ve become the premium educational content provider in the country. By using creative educational tools to inspire behavior change through social norming, we’re able to unlock the massive potential of CSR programs just like yours.

See What Health Education Can Do for Your Organization and Community