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Watch our video to see how NTC uses imaginative storytelling and colorful characters to engage K-12 students in health and wellness education. (1:24)

Health habits, both positive and negative, are often established at a young age: the influences and decisions we face as children stick with us through the rest of our lives. This is why investing in K-12 education is so important. By getting kids excited about healthy lifestyles at an early age, your organization can make a positive impact on the lives of those in your community—and your brand reputation can skyrocket in the process.

That’s what NTC has done for 40 years: through creative learning tools such as live in-school events, video production, web development and more, we encourage students to connect health education lessons to their own lives. Since 2010 alone, we’ve engaged over 6 million students at more than 18,000 schools in 44 states, winning honors from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation while gaining recognition from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. But most important is our ability to inspire students with valuable life lessons sponsored by organizations like yours—and when students’ passion spreads to families and communities, your organization can truly become a champion for health education.

Watch our short video to see just one example of how we use storytelling and creativity to inspire students and make a positive, long-lasting impact. What happens when you try to teach a 3,000 year old Mummy how to live a healthy afterlife? Take a minute to find out.

Learn How to Connect with Your Community through Creativity