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daily stem activities

Daily STEM Activities that Will Foster Curiosity

So much of the discussion around education nowadays revolves around STEM. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is important to prepare today’s students for the world that they will enter once they’ve left school.  STEM teaches students how nature operates, how to get the most out of emerging tech,…
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Get to Know the “New” Guy

Pat Rowan I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am not Ward, nor will I attempt to be Ward. I have learned many valuable lessons from Ward over the past 24 years and appreciate the working relationship and friendship we have cultivated over the years, but at…
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student behavior

Methods for Tracking Behavior Change in Students

Nothing lights up a classroom like a student discovering they can do something they did not think they could. Witnessing student achievement is a reason why teachers show up every day. This is not only true for academic achievements but with social emotional learning as well. Student behavior contributes to…
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reducing carbon footprint in schools

How Schools Can Meet Their Decarbonization Goals

The central purpose of a school is to educate young people and power their potential for future success. In a warming world, this includes building sustainable schools. According to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, the average school carbon footprint is 9.4 metric tons annually. Reducing the carbon footprint…
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education for water conservation

Teaching Water Conservation

Our water supply supports life on this planet, yet water supply challenges abound. This ever- important resource is threatened by overuse, pollution and climate change stressors. One way to mitigate these threats is through effective education for water conservation and pollution prevention programs. It is possible to inspire tomorrow’s leaders…
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the empowered student

Empowering Students to Become Global Citizens

Today’s students live in a world more connected and integrated than at any other time in human history. That’s a big deal. It affects how students live, play and, yes, get educated. As members of smaller communities within this larger global context, students need to be empowered to open their…
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future ready skills

Focusing on Future Ready Skills

Teachers dream big for their students. They want them to succeed, not just in the classroom but in their future lives too. But how are schools preparing students for the future? The ways we work, connect, and live in the future will be shaped by technologies and events that will…
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