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recycling guide

Recycling guide for children

Sustainability is a huge priority to NTC across all industries and practices. We’ve helped clients teach school students all kinds of positive behaviors that support a more sustainable future for them. In fact, one of the first green topic tours we ever presented was back in 1992 with a recycling…
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internet safety lesson plans

Great Internet Safety Lesson Plans for Kids

We live our lives online. By 2012, more Americans owned smartphones than traditional cell phones, and by 2018, texting was beating out face-to-face interactions as a favorite means of communication among the youth.  The youth of today grew up with this technology. They are very comfortable with it. But with…
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Get to Know the “New” Guy

Pat Rowan I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am not Ward, nor will I attempt to be Ward. I have learned many valuable lessons from Ward over the past 24 years and appreciate the working relationship and friendship we have cultivated over the years, but at…
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student behavior

Methods for Tracking Behavior Change in Students

Nothing lights up a classroom like a student discovering they can do something they did not think they could. Witnessing student achievement is a reason why teachers show up every day. This is not only true for academic achievements but with social emotional learning as well. Student behavior contributes to…
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