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cost of financial illiteracy

How Much Financial Illiteracy Costs Americans

Financial literacy may be one of modern life’s most valuable skill sets. Unfortunately, as essential as it may be, financial skills are taught in very few public schools. With an absence of school instruction, most people who are not taught by a family member or seek information out will find…
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How to Promote Electric Vehicle Adoption

As the realities of climate change show themselves more and more, it is important for us as a society to make what changes we can to mitigate the damage we do to our environment. Reducing the emissions from vehicles, large and small, is one way we can make a difference.…
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sustainable behavior change

Strategies for Sustainable Behavior Change

The power of habit is incredible. Many of us act, dress and interact the way we did in grade school, well into adulthood. In fact, most of our habits, both good and bad, are instilled in us by age 9. Once we’ve developed those habits, it can be very difficult…
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civic participation

What Is Civic Participation?

To operate successfully, a society requires active participation from its citizenry. That participation can come in many forms. In fact, many people actively participate in their communities without even realizing that they are doing something special. Civic Participation is most often defined as the act of individuals and communities becoming…
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community involvement

Why is community involvement important?

We have very different relationships with our communities than we did just a half century ago. Prior to globalization, our communities more or less began and ended in our hometowns or immediate neighborhoods. We knew the people in our communities, and we helped each other out. Community involvement was assumed.…
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