Boost Your Health and Wellness Outreach

The benefits of bringing dynamic K-12 education to schools are numerous, including improved brand reputation and the ability to connect with your community. But any health and wellness outreach program comes with its own challenges. How can your organization clearly demonstrate ROI? How can it efficiently invest time and labor to develop a top-notch program? Maybe most importantly, how can it find an experienced, innovative educational content vendor to partner with?

With 40 years of experience in developing premium educational programs, NTC has learned how to solve these problems and pioneer community outreach for organizations like yours. We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the US, reaching thousands of kids each year with programs that make a lasting impact.

Our program offerings have grown since then, too. Through web development, video production, gamification strategies and print materials such as graphic novels, student playbooks, teacher guides and more, we’re able to engage students through active participation and a variety of creative formats.

One of our most unique ventures is the educational comedy series M@dAbout, which uses humor, storytelling and creativity to present positive lessons about health and wellness in dynamic, exciting ways. With a cast of professional comedic actors, high-end production value and writing that balances meaningful knowledge with entertainment, M@dAbout doesn’t just present educational lessons – it inspires students to laugh and learn, and maybe even develop positive habits that stick with them for years.

The best way to understand the power of creative educational tools like M@dAbout is to see them in action. Check out the video above, which features a short sketch from the series.

Boost Your Health and Wellness Outreach