Ready or Not an Emergency Preparedness Program


The time to prepare for an emergency is not in the middle of one. Being prepared means having a plan before disaster strikes. When households are not prepared before a crisis, crucial resources, time and effort are wasted during a crisis. Resources are better spent before an emergency, preparing households to know what to do, who to turn to, and what to have on hand. Children are one of the strongest advocates for positive behavior change in the home. When students are educated about what to do in an emergency, they bring their knowledge home and kick start household emergency preparedness before a crisis happens. As school outreach education experts, NTC specializes in inspiring students to spread positive behaviors in their households.


NTC’s READY OR NOT is a K-5 customizable educational outreach program dedicated to emergency preparedness. It provides a key to unlocking the efficient use of emergency resources and prepare households for potential emergencies.


READY OR NOT is a fun, engaging program delivered to students and educators through NTC’s interactive learning tools. The outreach focus is on school-aged children and their parents, which results in scores of students, their families and communities becoming ready for the type of potential emergencies that occur in their area. READY OR NOT is customizable to any region in the country and can include messaging on any emergency or geo-specific community. READY OR NOT can also be enhanced with customizable emergency preparedness kits.

We employ live actor-educators to inspire preparedness in the home. Students are engaged to become active participants in educational offerings that encourage the adoption of behaviors that make a difference.

READY OR NOT supports students and educators with the following educational points:

  • The difference between a disaster, emergency and hazard.
  • What a family communication plan is.
  • How to create a family emergency plan.
  • Who to seek for help in an emergency.


READY OR NOT includes the Family Preparedness Guide, a handbook to assist household preparation with:

  • An emergency kit checklist
  • A family evacuation plan
  • A family communication plan


READY OR NOT creates a powerful impact that transform the school community into emergency preparedness experts. It creates a cost-effective way for emergency preparedness resources to reach the school, household and community levels before a crisis hits. NTC puts emergency preparedness messaging to work in the community.