The carbon intensity of electricity generation in the United States will decrease by more than 26% from 2020 to 2050.*


As we move towards this decarbonized future, we cannot ignore those who will inhabit it – today’s young people.

In 2050, today’s kindergartners will be 33 years old. With renewable resources powering more of the grid and electrification powering more of our world energy efficiency becomes more important than ever. Inspiring the generation that will live in this decarbonized world to adopt energy efficient behaviors today will empower them to influence the world of tomorrow.

NTC’s ELECTRIFICATION NATION is a K-5 customizable educational outreach program dedicated to energy-wise behavior change that provides a key to unlocking beneficial electrification and a decarbonized future.


ELECTRIFICATION NATION is a fun, engaging program delivered to students and educators through NTC’s interactive learning tools. The outreach focus is on school-aged children and their parents, which results in scores of families and communities becoming advocates and adopters of electrification and electric vehicles to greatly impact our collective carbon future.

We employ live actor-educators to inspire active, sustainable behavior change. Students are engaged to become active participants in educational offerings that encourage the adoption of behaviors that make a difference.

ELECTRIFICATION NATION supports students and educators with the following educational points:

  • How electricity is generated
  • What clean energy or renewable resources are
  • What a carbon footprint is
  • What our communities and families can do to conserve energy, including EV’s


ELECTRIFICATION NATION creates a powerful impact that transforms the schools into energy conservation influencers, establishing a ripple effect into residential homes and across whole communities. Our highly visible and scalable programs have consistently demonstrated measurable ROI for our energy clients. Through social norming and behavior change science NTC programming affects real, measurable change at the school, household and community levels. NTC puts our clients’ messaging to work in the community, inspiring effective energy-wise behaviors now and into a decarbonized future.


NTC is an implementer of educational outreach programs for utilities, municipalities and associations through multi-platform creative content. As an award-winning customer engagement trade ally, we create effective community outreach initiatives that make an emotional connection with residential customers, employees and key stakeholders.

Our customizable communications platforms include:

  • Live in-school performance events
  • Interactive livestream engagements
  • Digital and print supplemental educational materials
  • Story-based graphic novels and chapter books
  • On-demand video production
  • Customizable and secure web-based delivery
  • Classroom gamification strategies

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*According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) as reported by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), July 2022.