A new print product for grades 3-5

The Electrification Nation graphic novel is a take-home print piece designed to inspire energy conservation in the home and empower the next generation to help define a clean energy future.

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Relating Beneficial Electrification to Residential Customers

Showing the many sides of beneficial electrification is vital for getting residential customers behind the clean energy transition. The Electrification Nation graphic novel is a relatable and entertaining print product that not only defines beneficial electrification, but also shows its uses in everyday life. By being both relatable and memorable, the graphic novel is a creative way to educate young people and their families on the meaning and uses of beneficial electrification and inspire good energy habits in the home.

What Is It About?


Join Evie Wander as she travels across the country in her electric vehicle, Kitty, in search of the mysteriously missing Host Malone, the emcee of her favorite game show, Electrification Nation. While solving clean energy clues across the country, Evie visits a wind farm in Iowa, a hurricane clean-up crew in North Carolina and a battery storage facility in California. Along the way she learns about energy efficiency, clean, renewable resources, climate resiliency, electrification and conservation. Will her cross-country mission result in finding Host Malone and getting Electrification Nation back on the air?

What Does It Look Like?

Check out a preview of the graphic novel.

What Does It Teach?

Electrification Nation is aligned with state and national standards and through an engaging story focuses on several key concepts for Grades 3-5.

The education points covered include:

Watch Kids React to Our Graphic Novels

The Electrification Nation graphic novel can be connected to education outreach programming within the following topics:

How to Add the Graphic Novel to your
Education Outreach Programming

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