How STEM Education Programs Build for the Future: An NTC-APS Foundation Case Story

The Content

Our latest NTC case story consists of a unique live-action video and PDF download about one of our dynamic K-12 in-school programs, BrainSTEM. Sponsored by the APS Foundation of Arizona, the charitable arm of Arizona Public Service, the largest and longest serving electric company in Arizona, BrainSTEM brought creative STEM education to underserved rural communities in the form of a 45-minute play for upper elementary and middle school students. Incorporating storytelling, improvised comedy, student volunteers, along with supplemental print and digital curriculum, the program used the creative arts to appeal to students and maximize audience engagement and retention.

The main points of both the video and the PDF download include:

  • The origins and goals of the BrainSTEM program
  • The approach used in implementing BrainSTEM, including the in-school performance and additional curriculum
  • Measurable impacts of the program and methods of evaluation
  • Lessons learned and best practices

Our Approach

We believe that audiences learn more effectively if they engage creatively and emotionally with stories and characters. Just as our in-school programs embrace this belief by presenting STEM education to students in creative ways, our case story video uses an innovative blend of animation and live-action to outline the details of the program.

In addition, we have prepared a PDF case story download that outlines the same information in a printable supplement. Both the video and the accompanying case story provide an overview of how to effectively deliver K-12 educational programs to schools in your community.

Key Takeaways

As the future of industries in science, technology, engineering and math become increasingly unpredictable, even as they play a more important role in the global community, the impact of K-12 educational outreach cannot be overlooked. Bringing creative educational programs to schools can help STEM organizations engage the innovators of tomorrow and get young students excited about learning STEM subjects. This creative education is also a valuable workforce development tool, as it is an effective way to encourage the pursuit of STEM-related careers.

The BrainSTEM program delivered by the APS Foundation and NTC imparted many lessons, some of which are detailed in this case story. Among the key takeaways discussed:

  • Aspects such as audience participation, student volunteers, and repetition of main points contribute to increased retention
  • Number of students reached and ability to achieve consistency at scale
  • Methods of incorporating the 21st Century Education Skills
  • Ability to tailor in-school educational programs to the specific goals and demands of various STEM organizations
  • The power of the “Trickle Up” system, which inspires excitement among K-12 students and encourages them to pass messages along to their families and communities

Watch the case story video and download the PDF to discover what else NTC and the APS Foundation learned about delivering a high-impact STEM education program to K-12 schools.

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How STEM Education Programs Build for the Future: An NTC-APS Foundation Case Story