Pirate adventure story with a serious message for kids

Children have always loved adventure stories with pirates in them.

Leppington Public School students will almost certainly enjoy the show when Captain Doorknob and his colourful crew in The Water Pirates of Neverland perform there tomorrow, March 21.

But there’s a lot more to The Water Pirates of Neverland than pure entertainment value.

The play has been designed by the National Theatre for Children (NTC) to be both entertaining and educational.

The Water Pirates of Neverland is performed by professional actors who play a variety of characters, resulting in a fast paced and funny show.

But at the same time Tit’s a show that helps to educate students on water conservation and sustainability.

Participating schools also gain access to digital games and activities, free of charge, that reinforce the educational points of water conservation including:

  • ♦ The uses of water
  • ♦ The importance of water
  • ♦ Ways to conserve water
  • ♦ Ways water gets polluted

“If your goal is to share information with kids that you want them to remember for a lifetime, live theatre is the ideal format,’’ says Tobias Benn, NTC managing director.

“The teaching points are packaged in fun,’’ he said.

“The story moves quickly to keep kids excited, and it’s that excitement that makes them so ready to absorb what they’re hearing and inspires them to help make the world better.”

Housing developer Stockland has partnerned with the NTC for the second consecutive year to present the engaging, new performance at no cost to the schools.

“We are excited to partner with the National Theatre for Children to once again take this fun and educational play on its national tour,” says Penny Courtie, the Stockland sustainability manager.

“We strongly believe that we have an important role to play in helping to educate the next generation, who we know care deeply and have a strong interest in preserving and protecting our environment for the future,’’ Ms Courtie said.

“Stockland is proud to be a world leader for sustainability and this play goes hand-in-hand with our focus on environmental preservation, protection, rehabilitation and stewardship within our communities and across all of our residential, retirement living and commercial property developments and assets.”

Schools can register their interest for the show online here.

Source: South West Voice

Pirate adventure story with a serious message for kids