The Mummy Gets Schooled: NTC Presents a Fresh Take on Millennials and STEM

The Content

Our video series “The Mummy Gets Schooled” continues as a 3,000-year-old mummy visits the wise cat goddess Bastet, concerned about his millennial son’s lack of enthusiasm for the STEM industries. Same story, different millennium. Like our live in-school theatrical performances, this short video delivers information about STEM subjects through characters, storytelling and creativity, ensuring our messages are engaging and memorable for audiences.

Our Approach

Shot in our Minneapolis studio, “The Mummy Gets Schooled” series transplants an ancient Egyptian mummy to modern-day situations impacting the STEM industries – in this case, the importance of engaging millennials in STEM subjects and inspiring the innovators and workers of tomorrow. When thinking about the most entertaining and creative ways to relay this message, the mummy character seemed like a natural way to present information humorously without the need for any backstory.

“The Mummy Gets Schooled” is an example of our in-house video production. Much like our in-school theatrical performances, they are scripted to be entertaining while emphasizing basic pieces of information. The theme of negative stereotypes concerning millennials’ interest in STEM industries is conveyed through comedy and storytelling.

Key Takeaways

Negative opinions about millennials and their attitudes toward STEM subjects assume that younger generations are self-centered, lazy and uninterested in science, technology, engineering and math. But acknowledging these negative stereotypes as incorrect and a hindrance to engaging the future innovators and workers in STEM industries is essential in engaging the most important demographic today.

As our video demonstrates, getting younger audiences excited about STEM may not be easy, but it’s essential to preparing for an unpredictable future in the STEM industries. Using creativity and storytelling appeals to all audiences, including those “right-brained” viewers who respond impulsively rather than analytically. In a modern world dominated by media, using stories and characters to inspire audiences can get the greatest results out of your organization’s community outreach programs.

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The Mummy Gets Schooled: NTC Presents a Fresh Take on Millennials and STEM