Earth Day is deemed a celebration. To quote, it is a call to join in “to honor and celebrate our remarkable planet.” It’s a celebration with about 1 billion participants across the globe every year. That’s about 1/8th of the world’s population.

So… Happy Earth Day!

Here at NTC we have been implementing education outreach programming in climate mitigation and environmental stewardship on behalf of our clients for almost as long as we have been a company – 46 years in June! That’s almost as long as Earth Day itself.

This Earth Day we would like to celebrate the numbers.

Since the last Earth Day our conservation and environmental stewardship education outreach programs have reached:

1,469 Schools

22,069 Educators

424,056 Students

551,273 Parents and

We celebrate how these numbers speak for who we are as a company and for the benefits to our earth.

For decades, we have brought educational programming on water conservation, pollution prevention, energy efficiency and conservation, recycling, waste reduction, food sustainability, and more recently clean energy and electrification to millions of students across the country. Our creative programming has inspired students to adopt habits that are beneficial to the earth and influence their families and communities to do the same. This makes the celebration of Earth Day a celebration of our core values too.

Thank you to our client sponsors for entrusting us with the creation, planning, scheduling, and implementation of these ever-important, earth-friendly education outreach programs. As citizens of the earth move more and more into climate mitigation, the energy transition, and sustainable waste practices, NTC is ready to help with the heavy lift that these initiatives require.

So, again, happy Earth Day!