Discover What Creative Community Outreach Can Do for Your Organization

In the article “Social Responsibility: A New Paradigm of Hospital Governance,” Springer Healthcare reveals that “the number of organizations that embrace a socially responsible conduct is increasing, meaning that citizens, and investors, are deeply aware that profit and ethical values (namely with regards to protection of human rights) are not incompatible. Embracing a socially responsible conduct can be seen as strategic in a global market, contributing to the competitiveness of a company and protecting its external image.” It’s clear that corporate responsibility in healthcare is a smart business move as well as an ethical decision. But how can health organizations be sure that their community outreach is as effective as possible?

The answer lies in the creative arts, which can present important messages about health and wellness in dynamic, engaging ways. By including humor, storytelling and vibrant characters, health education becomes exciting and accessible for all students.

In a modern world overwhelmed by media imagery and devices, students increasingly learn through stories and characters. If students are encouraged to express themselves creatively and learn actively rather than passively, they become more engaged with the topics presented, applying them to their own lives and forming an emotional connection.

When health and wellness education goes beyond simply conveying the facts to getting students excited about leading healthy lifestyles, even resistant kids suddenly find themselves eager to learn more and make positive changes in their lives. They might even become your patients and customers of tomorrow, or become motivated to pursue a career in healthcare down the road. That kind of inspiration, combined with the enhanced brand reputation your company receives when it supports K-12 education, can allow your organization to prepare for the fast-paced and unpredictable world of healthcare in the 21st century.

Since 1978, NTC has specialized in providing creative K-12 education that excites and inspires on behalf of our clients. Through live in-school performances, video production, web development, print materials and gamification strategies, we connect organizations like yours to children, families and communities across the country.

Watch our video to see just one example of NTC’s creative approach to teaching. What happens why you try to teach a 3,000-year-old Mummy about living a healthy afterlife? Take a minute to find out.

Discover What Creative Community Outreach Can Do for Your Organization