Climate Change Affects Us All – But Your Organization Can Help

You already know what climate change is: one of the most urgent global issues facing humanity in the 21st century. It refers to the long-term shifts in global temperatures, weather patterns, geological conditions and atmospheric characteristics as a result of our energy consumption on Earth.

While climates have changed throughout our planet’s long history, this time it’s different. The effects are seen across a wide variety of industries, from energy to health and wellness, from STEM to emergency preparedness, from the financial industry to water usage, natural gas and other resources.

The negative impacts of climate change in the 21st century are numerous; they include more extreme weather events, increased air pollution, malnutrition, a higher risk of infectious diseases, unpredictable migration patterns, widespread poverty and other effects. Even the most optimistic scientific predictions indicate that we must take global action and instill widespread change within the next decade to mitigate the devastation of climate change.

It’s hard not to be discouraged about the dire situation in which we find ourselves. But the endangerment to human life on Earth makes it even more necessary to embrace radical hope and make a positive difference in your community and across the globe – which is not as unrealistic as it may sound.

Whatever industry your organization is part of, you can make a difference by sponsoring K-12 educational outreach on mitigating climate change. Whether you’re a corporation or a nonprofit, a utility company or a bank, a government organization or a cooperative, in education or health or STEM or practically any other field, climate change will impact your profession and your life, not to mention the lives of families in your community.

The National Theatre for Children (NTC) has been educating K-12 students for over 40 years on valuable life skills including energy efficiency, water conservation, emergency preparedness, STEM enrichment, health and wellness, financial literacy and more. We know climate change is the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced. But with your help, we can inspire students, their families and the world around them to change their habits in an effort to preserve our planet for decades to come.

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Join us in our mission to address climate change and work towards a brighter, greener future. Check out our infographic to the right for a snapshot of how climate change could affect your industry – and what you can do to lessen its impact. Then, contact us to find out how you can work with NTC to make a difference in a world that needs our help.

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Climate Change Affects Us All – But Your Organization Can Help