stress management for teens

Stress Management for Teens

Mental health has been on a lot of minds recently. Our lives were blindsided by Covid lockdowns, and they changed in ways we were unprepared for. Few lives were upended as fully as those of teens. That’s why stress management for teens is such an important skill set to develop. …
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ways to spread awareness

Ways to Spread Awareness for a Cause

Most of us have a cause or two that are near and dear to us. Sometimes they simply involve strongly held beliefs. Sometimes they’re born out of a love of the communities where we live, work, and play. Maybe a loved one battled a disease that raised our awareness of…
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water wise

Water Wise: Ways to Save Water

Many parts of the world are in the midst of an ongoing drought of historical proportions. This has led many communities to implement water restriction measures and other ways to conserve this precious necessity. Even those who live near plentiful sources of water need to take steps to curb usage…
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how to gamify your classroom

How to Gamify Your Classroom

Students have a wide range of interests, but one thing almost every student enjoys on some level is a game. Whether a tabletop board game or a video game or something in between, almost everyone has had the chance to play and enjoy a game at some point. By breaking…
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be part of the solution

Empowering Kids to Be Part of the Solution

When we pivot lesson plans to include word problems, many kids have a hard time making that adjustment. The lessons that were already giving them trouble get muddied up in hypothetical situations. Not only can this be confusing for their young minds, but with hypothetical situations, they often simply don’t…
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