water wise

Water Wise: Ways to Save Water

Many parts of the world are in the midst of an ongoing drought of historical proportions. This has led many communities to implement water restriction measures and other ways to conserve this precious necessity. Even those who live near plentiful sources of water need to take steps to curb usage…
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how to gamify your classroom

How to Gamify Your Classroom

Students have a wide range of interests, but one thing almost every student enjoys on some level is a game. Whether a tabletop board game or a video game or something in between, almost everyone has had the chance to play and enjoy a game at some point. By breaking…
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be part of the solution

Empowering Kids to Be Part of the Solution

When we pivot lesson plans to include word problems, many kids have a hard time making that adjustment. The lessons that were already giving them trouble get muddied up in hypothetical situations. Not only can this be confusing for their young minds, but with hypothetical situations, they often simply don’t…
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recycling guide

Recycling guide for children

Sustainability is a huge priority to NTC across all industries and practices. We’ve helped clients teach school students all kinds of positive behaviors that support a more sustainable future for them. In fact, one of the first green topic tours we ever presented was back in 1992 with a recycling…
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internet safety lesson plans

Great Internet Safety Lesson Plans for Kids

We live our lives online. By 2012, more Americans owned smartphones than traditional cell phones, and by 2018, texting was beating out face-to-face interactions as a favorite means of communication among the youth.  The youth of today grew up with this technology. They are very comfortable with it. But with…
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geography and emergency management

Geography and Emergency Management

Most of us know that it’s a good idea to have an emergency plan in place for when the unthinkable happens. We teach our children the evacuation route that will save them from fires in the home and school. It’s basic stuff that we cover from a very young age. …
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sustainability activities for kids

12 Sustainability Activities for Kids

The kids of today are growing up in a much different world than their ancestors. Climate change is altering the landscape, and we all need to be more mindful about conserving energy and reducing the amount of waste we produce. It’s not that hard, but it takes some commitment to…
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