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sustainable behavior change

Strategies for Sustainable Behavior Change

The power of habit is incredible. Many of us act, dress and interact the way we did in grade school, well into adulthood. In fact, most of our habits, both good and bad, are instilled in us by age 9. Once we’ve developed those habits, it can be very difficult…
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civic participation

What Is Civic Participation?

To operate successfully, a society requires active participation from its citizenry. That participation can come in many forms. In fact, many people actively participate in their communities without even realizing that they are doing something special. Civic Participation is most often defined as the act of individuals and communities becoming…
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community involvement

Why is community involvement important?

We have very different relationships with our communities than we did just a half century ago. Prior to globalization, our communities more or less began and ended in our hometowns or immediate neighborhoods. We knew the people in our communities, and we helped each other out. Community involvement was assumed.…
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benefits of having a growth mindset

Benefits of Having a Growth Mindset

Failure can be hard to take. Most of us like to think of ourselves as capable people, and failure can fly in the face of that belief. Failure though is a part of learning, and embracing it can make you more successful in everything you do. Developing a growth mindset…
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benefits of stem education

Ten Benefits of STEM Education

There’s a lot of talk about STEM education these days, and for very good reason. As our world becomes ever more integrated with technology, our economies are intertwined with it as well. Yet, as career roles that require STEM skills continue to grow, less students are prepared to take on…
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sustainable water solutions

How Can We Make Water More Sustainable?

Few technological advances have been as widely welcomed as indoor plumbing. Hot water piped right into our tubs and sinks, and wastewater piped right out. It’s an amazing thing. Unfortunately, water is a finite resource.  As much as we like to think we can use it freely, it can and…
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