importance of digital wellbeing

Importance of Digital Wellbeing in Young People

Digital technology is an important means of accessing information and communicating with one another in the twenty-first century. That said, it has also evolved to the point where the pervasiveness of digital devices has allowed them to develop a certain level of control over society. It has created a compulsion…
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electrical safety in education

Electrical Safety Tips for Educational Environments

Classrooms today are built around technology. We use electronic devices and high tech machinery in many of our classes. That technology does not evaporate when we graduate, either. Many of the jobs we work as adults utilize a very similar mix of machines and devices. With all that power pulsing…
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edutainment learning

What Is Edutainment: Why Is It an Effective Learning Method

Educators spend a lot of time designing lesson plans that engage students and deliver lessons that stick with them. It’s not always easy. Many students have different learning needs, and not all lesson plans provide stimulating learning environments for every student. As teaching methods have evolved, the profound benefits of…
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Inflation Reduction Act for businesses

How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Benefit Business Owners

Businesses can save a great deal of money by embracing sustainability and renewable resources. Still, the costs of initially embracing those technologies can be prohibitive for some small and medium size companies. Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act though are set up to help businesses with these costs.  When looking…
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energy efficiency education

The Importance of Education in Energy Efficiency

Times are changing. We are shifting rapidly toward renewable energy sources and transitioning traditional technologies to fit that mold. In order to create sustainable change, both companies and consumers must be aware of what this energy transition provides us, as well as how to make the transition seamlessly. Energy efficiency…
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ev adoption obstacles

Biggest Barriers and Obstacles to EV Adoption

There has been an electric vehicle revolution happening over the past decade, whether we realize it or not. Many of the benefits associated with this monumental shift in transportation are happening too. EVs are cheaper to power and operate, they are better for the environment and their driving performance is…
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