Can your organization do more to connect to its community?

According to a 2015 study by London’s Kenexa High Performance Institute, organizations with a genuine commitment to corporate social responsibility outperformed those that did not, with an average return on investment 19 times higher. Companies that supported CSR also displayed a higher level of employee engagement and a better standard of customer service.

As studies like this have become more prevalent, corporations have taken notice, with the majority of them now undertaking major CSR campaigns. But with so many social outreach programs vying for the public’s attention, how can your organization be sure that its community efforts are impactful and cost-effective?

The key to success for organizations involved with STEM is to partner with a qualified education provider with experience in developing high-quality programs and an ability to measure ROI. With 40 years of insight into the industry, that’s exactly what sets NTC apart. Since 1978, we’ve connected some of the largest organizations in the country to students, families and communities, presenting positive messages in ways that entertain, educate and inspire.

In this NTC ED Talk video and whitepaper, Vice President of Operations Pat Rowan shares some of the secrets we’ve learned regarding educational outreach. Through years of experience, NTC has achieved an unusually high level of quality assurance and provides one-of-a-kind K-12 programs on behalf of organizations like yours.

For NTC, it all begins with our ongoing relationships with schools. Our extensive research and data management allows us to target the specific schools that are most suited to particular programs. Because of these ongoing relationships, schools trust us to provide valuable education to their students and, in 98.7% of cases, request that we return to their school the following year.

We know this statistic because of our real-time evaluations. During our live in-school performances, we ask educators to rate the program on a variety of different criteria. In 2016-17, we received 6,100 teacher evaluations and an overall educational value rating of 6.5 out of 7. This is only one of the ways in which we’re able to demonstrate our ROI, showing the quantitative impact and overall success of our programs.

This ED Talk and whitepaper reveal more of the lessons we’ve learned over the last four decades, demonstrating how our quality assurance measures consistently create premium K-12 programs. Our insistence on accuracy, timeliness, professionalism and creativity has distinguished us in the field of educational outreach. Watch the video and read our whitepaper to find out how we can do the same for your organization.

Can your organization do more to connect to its community?