Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Organizations of all types seek to support STEM education in their community, enlisting NTC to deliver engaging programs to K-12 students. From philanthropic CSR efforts to workforce development, NTC customizes campaigns specific to our clients’ STEM enrichment needs.

These high-impact initiatives include partnerships with Best Buy and LEGO, featuring supplemental kits and activities that focus on coding, technology, engineering, the scientific method, teamwork and other concepts central to STEM subjects. We have developed high school programs that center on green careers in STEM industries, which allow utilities and other companies to recruit and inspire their future workforce.

From customer education to workforce development to positive P.R., we have worked with a wide variety of organizations who want to get students and their families excited about STEM and the major role it plays in society and the economy.


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Through our 40+ years of experience, we’ve developed these communication platforms as a reliable tool for educator implementation and a guarantee that our clients’ messaging reaches its audience.

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NTC has delivered STEM enrichment campaigns on behalf of Arizona Public Service’s  APS Foundation, among others. Read this case study on our BrainSTEM program to find out how we got APS’s community excited about STEM education and inspired the next generation of innovators.

NTC STEM Education Case Study

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