As an experienced financial professional, you know the five core principles of financial literacy – earn, spend, save and invest, borrow, and protect. These concepts may even come naturally to you. But did you know that 78% of American adults live paycheck to paycheck, three-fifths of all adults don’t keep a budget and 80% of young Americans failed a basic financial literacy test?

These statistics are alarming. But you and your financial institution can inspire positive, long-lasting financial habits through NTC’s turnkey financial literacy programs. Read more below and contact us to discuss the ideal outreach solution for your organization.

Return on Investment

Every financial organization is different, with its own diverse goals and values. But many of the benefits provided by NTC’s financial literacy programming remain consistent across the board.

What can your organization achieve through NTC? Here are a few projected outcomes:



Money Smart 2.0 curriculum available for grades K-12

Money Smart 2.0 e-learning package

Client-branded website



All of the STANDARD package, plus

Livestream events

On-demand videos of livestream events

School engagement via NTC’s School Communications team

Comprehensive print package includes: graphic novels, primary workbooks, parent handbooks



All of the PREMIUM
package, plus

Custom client videos

Impact assessment

PowerPlay – a digital escape room activity



NTC gives you the flexibility to choose any combination of deliverables from any of the packages to customize and fit your needs.


A cross-curricular program designed to promote financial understanding in students ages five through 18. Explore the free demo.


NTC’s custom microsites engage educators, students and parents at home, increasing our clients’ online presence and brand awareness.


NTC’s live virtual events can synchronously deliver your messages to students and teachers in every school in your local or national community. When asynchronous learning is preferred by educators in your area, recordings of the livestream events allow for viewing at any time. Read more.


NTC has a department dedicated to engaging schools and encouraging educators to opt-in to clients’ programs. With school activation, the department will use enhanced techniques to boost overall participation.


NTC’s client-branded printed materials (including student playbooks, graphic novels and infographic posters) align with our livestream events and in-school programs, or can be provided as standalone educational pieces. Based on educator feedback, we know that our printed materials are sent home with students 92% of the time, directly connecting our clients to their community.


Our videos are made to reinforce educational concepts and boost brand awareness on behalf of our clients. We create how-to videos, animated videos, segments produced for use in our clients’ volunteers-in-the-classroom programs, and other comedic, engaging videos to align with financial literacy programs.


Go beyond the standard reporting metrics and activate qualitative studies that illustrate community impact.


An escape-room activity centered around financial literacy and designed to engage all learning styles. Watch a video.


Educators are highly influential leaders in their communities. Real educators connect directly with their financial institutions through NTC programming. Hear what they have to say about receiving free programming to use in their curriculum at schools across the country. 


The best decisions are well-informed decisions. Explore these materials to discover how NTC financial literacy programming can work for you.


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Bottom Line

There are three irrefutable facts:

You have the power to improve financial literacy and create positive, long-lasting impacts with NTC’s educational programming. We encourage you to contact us and inspire a valuable transformation for your financial institution and the entire community.


Let’s work together to build wealth with financial literacy education. But first, send us a message.

If email isn’t your thing, good old-fashioned phone calls work too – (763) 452-1100.