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NTC works with major utilities, co-ops, government agencies and other organizations to teach students, educators and family members a variety of important energy-related topics. Our K-12 school programs motivate entire communities to learn about:

Through humor and creativity, we energize kids and inspire them to discuss these subjects with their families, which creates a long-term connection and measurable impacts throughout our clients’ service areas. 

Our science-based programs align with state and national education standards and enable organizations to fulfill government mandates in renewable energy and customer education.

Highschool Live Show


Through our 40+ years of experience, we’ve developed these communication platforms as a reliable tool for educator implementation and a guarantee that our clients’ messaging reaches its audience.

Kids Showing Parents


In addition to entertaining theatrical performances that inspire communities to embrace positive energy behaviors, we also offer energy-efficiency kit programs that deliver energy-saving measures to residents in our clients’ service areas. The amount of kWh saved through our EE kit programs can be clearly tracked and reported, demonstrating substantial ROI for our partnering organizations.

Energy Kit Challenge


Click here to read a case study about a unique energy-efficiency kit and behavior change education program NTC delivered on behalf of Duke Energy. We provided free energy-efficiency kits to thousands of Duke Energy customers, creating substantial kWh savings. Read more about the program’s methodology and impacts.

NTC and Duke Energy Case Study

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Educators are highly influential leaders in their communities. Real educators connect directly with their utility providers through NTC programming. Hear what they have to say about receiving free programming to use in their curriculum at schools across the country.