Emergency Preparedness

NTC implements emergency preparedness outreach programs for insurance companies, government agencies, first-response organizations and corporations. Our flagship emergency preparedness program, Ready or Not, is designed for K-12 students and their families in any region of the U.S., and is customizable to include messaging on any emergency or geo-specific community.

As a NOAA Weather Ready Nation Ambassador, NTC is well aware of the benefits of educating communities on how to prepare for any emergency. In addition to featuring information about different types of hazards, emergencies and disasters, our emergency preparedness outreach includes details on how to make a Family Communication Plan and preparedness kit.

Beyond the community relations benefits our emergency preparedness outreach provides, it can also help organizations prioritize mitigation over recovery, ultimately reducing costs in the event of an emergency or disaster.

NTC Emergency Preparedness


Through our 40+ years of experience, we’ve developed these communication platforms as a reliable tool for educator implementation and a guarantee that our clients’ messaging reaches its audience.

Hazard emergency Disaster


In 2019, NTC launched its flagship emergency preparedness program, Ready or Not, before bringing it to California on behalf of Southern California Edison as part of its wildfire preparedness initiative. Read the case study to find out more about Ready or Not, the importance of emergency preparedness outreach and how the program can be customized to fit your community and messaging.

NTC Emergency Preparedness Case Study

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