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Want to give your health education efforts a little more muscle?

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Watch this NTC ED Talk video, in which our expert creative director, Jon Mikkelsen, discusses how social norming through group experience can boost your community outreach efforts.(2:59)

As health care and corporate social responsibility programs undergo rapid change, it’s more important than ever for health organizations to stay connected with their communities. As Springer Healthcare writes, “the adoption of a socially responsible conduct could be an important step for a hospital to increase its competitiveness and to protect its external image,” making CSR a good business decision as well as an ethical one. But how can you ensure that your organization’s outreach programs are as effective as possible?

Over NTC’s 40 years of providing premium educational content to schools across the country, we’ve learned the secret weapon to unlocking your CSR’s full potential: use behavior change through social norming to not only educate students, but engage and inspire as well. When kids share a group experience that features creativity, storytelling and colorful characters, they’ll be eager to spread their passion for healthy living to their families and communities—all on behalf of health organizations like yours.

In this NTC ED Talk, Creative Director Jon Mikkelsen discusses how to use social norming to beef up your health education efforts. The science of social norming states that kids develop their values based on what they believe their peers are doing. During one of our in-school events, any misperceptions can be set straight through a shared experience that allows an entire school of friends and classmates to laugh and learn together. Even after the event, our messages reverberate and allow positive lessons to really sink in—and that’s when the full power of community outreach efforts like yours can be achieved.

Watch the NTC ED Talk and download the whitepaper to learn how NTC can pump up your CSR programs and provide a positive, long-term impact for your organization.

Want to give your health education efforts a little more muscle?