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Six Steps for Marketing Your Community Programs

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Even if your health organization has some of the best community programming there is, it won’t make an impact unless people know that it’s available and take advantage of it. Effective community outreach builds trust and positive awareness of your organization while improving the lives of your patients, customers and future customers. To make sure that your top notch campaigns are both recognized and utilized, follow the steps of a tried and true marketing strategy.

Taking members of your community through the six stages of the proven Marketing Hierarchy of Effects can lead them toward engagement with your health and wellness programs. Even if you’re promoting free opportunities, it’s still a benefit to follow this path to increase participation. From initially generating awareness in your community to inspiring your customers to embrace your health and wellness programs, these six stages can help ensure a successful journey.

Take a look at this infographic that briefly summarizes how these six steps can enhance your programming.

Six Steps for Marketing Hierarchy

Six Steps for Marketing Your Community Programs