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As of 2017, only 17 states require high schoolers to take a class in personal finance, while 20 states require at least one high school economics class. It often falls to outside organizations to invest in K-12 financial literacy education, which can improve the national economy over the long-term and work wonders for your company’s brand reputation. But some students show little interest in learning about personal finance at a young age. How can your organization supercharge its community outreach to engage even those students who are resistant to learning important money management skills?

Adding a creative arts element to inspire students is key. According to Entrepreneur magazine, creative financial literacy education “transforms the subject of personal finance, with all its thorny principles and shrouded terminology, from something that’s scary and foreign to something that’s approachable and engaging.” Incorporating humor, storytelling and vibrant characters can engage students who might otherwise have no interest in financial literacy.

That is what NTC does best. For 40 years, we’ve been connecting some of the largest companies in the US and abroad to their communities with dynamic and inspiring educational programming. Since 2010 alone, we’ve engaged over 6 million students at more than 18,000 schools in 44 states. Through live in-school events, web development, video production, print curriculum and more, we’re able to start kids on the path to financial well-being from an early age – all while presenting our clients’ messages in ways that supercharge their brand reputation.

Want to find out more? Watch our short comedic video to see how NTC energizes financial literacy education – and what that can do for your organization.

Find Out How the Creative Arts Can Boost Your Community Outreach