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Engage Your Current (and Future) Customers

NTC and American Banker conducted a 2017 survey of 235 financial executives regarding K-12 financial literacy programs. The results revealed a definite surge in financial education as a corporate mission. So now that you know that – how can your organization benefit? How those programs can help to leverage both community outreach and marketing initiatives? There are five ways to implement a successful school program and they are featured in this whitepaper, The School Channel: The Most Misunderstood and Underutilized Channel for Reaching Families.

The School Channel is made up of 110,000 schools with 53 million students. Nine months out of the year, all economic brackets, every ethnicity and every level of intellectual development are represented. By reaching these students with financial literacy programming, you not only help prepare them for their future – you also reach adult family members and school professionals. These groups are a vast potential marketing audience. A K-12 school program is a win for your organization and the communities you serve. Take a look at this whitepaper which outlines the best practices for delivering an in-school program.

School Channel White Paper Book

The School Channel: The most misunderstood channel for reaching families

Engage Your Current (and Future) Customers